When it comes to starting a business, it’s no secret that we experience a lot of blocks that will hold us back to become successful.

Look, I get that starting a business takes a lot of courage, confidence and complete mindset switch.

This post will discuss about the 5 common blocks that are holding you back in starting your dream business and how you can overcome them.


5 most common blocks that are holding you back from starting your business and how to overcome them

Fear of failure

Who doesn’t want to fail, right? This is why we stop before we even begin because we’re afraid that we might not be able to make it, which is understandable. Running a business is a big decision and sometimes the first thing that would hold us back is the mentality that we will not succeed.



This comes next after failure because when we fail, we fear of being judged by people around us or even the people we do not know and that feeling sucks.

It’s difficult not to think about what others might think and you know what even sucks, it’s seeking approval from them when in fact you don’t need in the first place! 

You do you and you do not let others’ opinions affect what yo no matter what happens.

Imposter Syndrome

Ahh the infamous term right now. This is very true and real and it’s normal to sometimes feel this way but do not let that eat you up. Everything you worked hard for  and everything that made you become who you are right now, you deserve it. 


It’s easy to think that we are not good enough than think of how great we are despite our success right? No matter how big or small it is. 


How do you deal with this? Acknowledge it, Talk to a trusted friend or family member, realize that you are not alone and that there are a lot of famous people who are experiencing it or has experienced it before, write your accomplishments instead of focusing on your failures. 


If you wait for your entire plan to be perfect, your plan will never happen.


Ever wanted to launch a course or a program but you can’t launch it because it’s not “perfect” yet, because it’s not good enough yet? 


I feel you but there’s nothing wrong with revising and changing your course or program after the first run, right? How will you know if there’s something wrong if you haven’t tested it yet with real clients?

No specific goals

We want a lot of things to achieve so we dive right in without a plan, without a goal. Having a goal is important because it will give you direction on where you want to go from point A to point B.

Write down your goals and make a plan on how you can achieve them.

Let go of your fears. It’s okay to be afraid because it’s part of human nature but fear is there for a reason. It challenges us and it can either make or break us. Choose the former. 

I know you already know this but let me repeat again, you’ll never know unless you try. Take calculated risks (don’t be reckless) and try to see everything as a learning experience.

What do you think is the one that’s holding you back from starting a business?


Guest Author

Camille Olaguivel is the founder of Sunnies and Style Creatives. She’s a social media manager and content creator and has worked with international brands in the health & wellness, online retail, and digital marketing agency industry. She’s also the person behind the lifestyle blog, www.sunniesandstyle.com.