So you started to quit your 9-5 job and decided to give freelancing or work from home a try. There are many perks of working from the comforts of your home, It is essential that you make a space where you can call your “home office”.

Having a home office helps you get more efficient and productive rather than just doing it from your bed.

efficient home office


Designated workspace

It’s good enough that you assign a space in your house. Not your bed, not on your living room, or kitchen. The less distraction the better. Having an area where you can consider your “office” really helps in making you more productive.



Invest in a high-quality and comfy chair. To avoid back pain and to provide enough support for your back. If you get a non-flexible shift job, most likely you’re going to spend more than 8 hours on that chair. Now, it’s only reasonable that you get a good chair, right?

Office supplies

Yes, having an app where you can “take down notes” is usually what we rely on but it is still better that we have tangible items on our desk. Post-it, a notebook, planner/journal, pens can help you remember things. You know sometimes, when technology fails us, at least we have back up.

Storage and Backups

This is a must especially the files we usually use when we’re working. We here at WSVS use Dropbox, Google Drive, and external drive. Better to make an effort to have these than be sorry later!

Extension cord

Yes, a power outlet is important because of laptop/computer and other stuff that needs charging. A charging station that’s within easy reach saves you all the time and effort rather than transferring to another area other than your home office.


For when you work during the night or in the wee hours and you don’t want to turn on the lights.

Vision board

We think this is important as it will help you motivate and do your best every working day. A vision board reminds you of the big goals you want to achieve in the future.


efficient home office

We hope this could help you in building an efficient home office.

I’d love to see your home office set up! Feel free to comment it below.


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