Quitting your job to pursue a business, become a full-time parent, or simply take a break is the most exciting risk you’ll ever take.

No set hours, no dress code and no boss.



 Read on and get your self prepared with these two important points!


You need to make yourself get over the ideas that you keep telling yourself that you would not be able to do it or can’t succeed. The first thing you should realize is not the skills, but your mindset. Reason being is that in Freelancing, you are on your own, you are working for yourself, so if you run into problems or struggles during your freelancing journey, you can only depend on yourself. If you have that vision where you can get a firm grip despite what happens, the ups and downs, it will help you get focused and motivated.

And the best way to find out your vision is to ASK YOURSELF. Ask yourself what freelancing is to you. Where do you see yourself if you decided to quit your job and jumped into the world of freelancing? What do you feel the benefits are to you and what changes may happen when you decide to start freelancing.

After asking yourself, what you need to do next is to ask others, and see if you have decided that you wanted to do this and you’re sure of it. The next thing is to ask advice. Seek counsel from others who have done it. If you have friends that have gone through that same journey, you can ask them what kind of risks that they experienced, the adjustments the struggles that they felt, so you may also prepare for yourself once you decide to take that risk. However, if you don’t have any friends that you can ask, what I suggest for you to do is to join Facebook groups. We have groups such as FHMoms (Filipina Home Based Moms), we also have Online Filipino Freelancers, and a lot more. Most of the time in these groups they share their own experiences, and you may also ask your specific questions and they will share their thoughts.

Ask yourself what freelancing means to you, where do you see yourself and don’t forget to set your goals and check in with yourself occasionally.

There will be ups and downs along the way but knowing clearly what your vision is, will keep yourself focused and motivated.



a) Savings – 3 to 6 months of living expenses

The first thing you need to be ready for is not your skills or equipment, but savings and the suggested amount of savings that most freelancers say, is 3 to 6 months of living expenses. So it’s best to calculate everything included in your monthly expenses such as bills, and all other payables.

However, there are others, especially mommies that resign effective immediately, because they have a backup income. An example would be, the husband agreed that he will take care of all expenses while the mommy attempts to look for work, as long as the husband is able to. There are others that have side businesses or online shop to sustain while they look for clients or online work. Anything is possible.

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b) Equipment and internet connection

Once you have secured your 3 to 6 months of living expenses of savings, the next is to secure your equipment, such as a laptop or desktop. You definitely need to have an internet connection at home, so when you resign from your work, your equipment is already ready. Most new freelancers ask what kind of specifications their laptop should be, or how powerful. The answer is, whatever kind of work you’re targeting is the kind of laptop you should get. Like if you’re mostly doing administrator work that do not require heavy software such as Photoshop, or video editing, then any usable laptop. Others that have started didn’t even use a new laptop, as long as you start, then that’s okay.

When I started my freelancing journey, I borrowed my husband’s desktop, like when he’s not using it during the day since he uses it during the night only. So when he’s not using the desktop, I use it. And the lucky part about it, is that the first work I got was on a flexible schedule, meaning I can work at any time. I select the time I decide to work, like when the kids are asleep.

c) Home Office

After you have the 3 to 6 months of savings and equipment with internet connection, the next would be home office. However, it also depends on the kind of work that you will acquire. Most home offices are required if you’re looking to be an ESL Online Teacher. I have tried being an Online English Teacher to Chinese kids. What they required was a white background and my position should have zero noise, because if there is some sort of noise there’s a possibility that you won’t be hired or have a bad review.


So that’s how I tried starting to have a home office, but the first actual work I had was being a general administrator, and it didn’t require a home office, as long as I had a table to place my laptop I would be able to work.

Once you’ve set your vision and plan, it’s time to take action and do freelancing seriously.

So the next thing you should learn is how to freelance for real. Meaning while you’re preparing your vision and play, you can start studying by watching tutorials, videos and joining groups. However, once everything is prepared, your savings, your equipment, internet connection, home office, that is the time where you take your freelancing life seriously.

I will be explaining this further in depth in our next video. We will talk about “Freelancing: How does it work?”. Currently there are a lot of ways you can get started in freelancing, so I will be explaining things that you’ve probably heard of before such as “Agency”, “Direct hire”, “Direct clients”.


Share your story below and tell us how did you start working as a freelancer.

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