Stuck in a rut? Constantly questioning yourself how you allowed yourself to do the same routine daily like a robot? Clocking in clocking out not knowing when to stop or even how to? Wondering how to take back control of your life and live by your own means? Well, nothing is impossible in the Freelancing world. Take back control of your life and live well above and beyond your means, the power is just right in front of you. Don’t believe me?

Check out my interview with Katrina Fuentes and find out how she was able to choose leaving her 15-year streak in a corporate setting with an inevitable major promotion underway, and gave her entire energy into freelancing. How she tested the waters vigorously as she tried being a VA among others until she finally found the one thing she loves to do and never regret leaving her previous work life. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Who can start their own shopify store?

Anyone can actually start a Shopify store. If you are into it, if you’re business-minded, go for it. Just like any other business, you got to supply it.


How much is needed to start one?

Perhaps for local e-commerce, 50,000 Php is most likely all right. 50,000 Php is for like getting initial stocks.

Before they start a Shopify store, what are the things they need to know?

That’s part of your product research. So the main skills you need as a Shopify owner in order to make your store look more attractive is to look for items that will be a hit in the market, especially for Pinoys. Items that will answer the needs of your target market.

That’s what will give life to your shop, because if no one will buy your products, it will be a loss, because you keep spending on Facebook ads, etc. And there is no sale. So product research and product testing are important. Meaning you will check that if you like a product, you will search online on other places such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, etc. You can research there. If you get a product, you can test in the market, meaning you will run it on Facebook, and you will check if there is a market for this specific product, to see if it’s a hit or not.

Do you encourage folks to apply or enroll in a course before they start?

For me, I really recommend doing so. If you are not able to grab an online course, perhaps you can join some e-commerce Facebook groups, so your knowledge would expand about the business, because it’s difficult to burn money just like that, because you really need to give yourself into it, and it’s difficult if you make a mistake, it’s a waste of money. So it’s better if you’re going to try, start trying it the right way, although there is no assurance since business is like a gamble without knowing if it will take off or not. But at least if you expand your knowledge, the risk and mistakes and loss of money would be lessened.

Is it worth the investment?

It really depends on the person. If you are business-minded, or you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you feel like this is what you really want, then it’s all up to you. There are others that are very skilled, they really know how to get around Shopify, but they still feel like they would want to be a VA instead to assist or consult, because they probably don’t like the stress that comes with the business, so they just want to support. So it still depends on you, there’s a difference from someone who wants the freedom, or wants immediate fulfillment.

It’s very fulfilling if it’s your own store, and you’re earning. It’s like instant gratification if it’s your own. But it really still depends on you if what you really feel.


How does it feel to be in a situation where you can be with your family and at the same time do the kind of business that fits your needs and lifestyle?

The feeling is very liberating in which you no longer need to be stressed from traffic, but that isn’t the main factor. But what I like right now about my work, my business, is the output, or the result is dependent on the outpouring of your effort. Like how hard you work is in direct correlation on how you will reap your rewards. So if you’re diligent, if you’re active, you’re going to earn big. You can make millions! There are a lot into e-commerce that are earning millions in a month. It really depends on how big your will and time you’re willing to commit, it’s up to you. There are folks who also want to take it steady, not aggressive.

In my work, my earnings depend on my effort, that’s what I like. Like if I want to relax, I’ll close up first. I don’t have to think about having to force myself to work, or the client is waiting for me, or I have to finish my 48 hours a week, etc. Or I’m out of sick leave or vacation leave, and the like. So as a business owner, if you’re tired, just pause, and if you can start again, just open up.


Is it worth to risk leaving the corporate job to begin freelancing? And what advice can you give to those who are thinking of doing so?

For me, you just have to trust yourself. If you really want to do this, if you’re burned out in your corporate work, and you no longer like the setup of going to the office, going home late, the endless routine, and you want something new, sitting back, relaxing and at the same time earning money? If you want a change of work, you just need some courage, and the willingness to learn, because there is a lot to learn, and tools to learn.

Everyone goes through that. Even the most experienced freelancer, learning is continuous. So if you want to start your career as an online freelancer and want to succeed, the most skills you really need is the willingness to learn. You’re teachable and willing to attend training, join groups to help you expand your knowledge, especially those sharing their experiences.

So perhaps before you resign or jump into the freelancing world, you could start browsing around and learning about it like how it works, your expectations, what problems can arise in the long run. Basically study it, and get a feel of it to see if it’s for you because online freelancing is not for all. The corporate world has different needs, and for online freelancing, it’s different fulfillment, so it’s better to get a feel of it, test the waters to see if it’s really for you.


In one word, describe your freelancing journey

Eye-opener for me. Because there are a lot I have learned along the way, there are a lot opportunities opened, I have unlocked a lot of skills that I didn’t even know I could handle before. Who would’ve thought I would be video editing, creating chat bots, even when I didn’t know how to do before. But with everything, you can learn it. You keep acquiring more skills, so it’s truly an eye-opener for me.

  Guest Bio


Katrina Fuentes is a work-at-home mom to a 5-year-old sweet and smart girl. She first worked as a Marketing Assistant for 15 years until she received a major promotion. Later on she decided to explore freelancing and dove into different areas in the freelancing world. She tested the waters of being a VA (Virtual Assistant), but it wasn’t her cup of tea until she later on decided to start her e-commerce business and realized that that was what she loved doing. She currently runs an online store in Shopify and have been convincing her husband who still works in a corporate, to join her. Katrina cooks, she bakes, she eats a lot. And she sometimes goes to the gym.

To find out more about Kat, you can find her on Facebook.


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