As a business owner, one of our struggles is turning one-time customers to repeat customers and eventually build a loyal following.

This is where building your email list comes into play. Imagine having a ticket to land on their inbox which a lot of people are not giving away because it’s more personal than them following you on social media.


In this post, we are going to talk more about:

  • What is email marketing

  • And why you need it for your business

What is Email Marketing and Why Does Your Business Need It?

What is email marketing?

Basically, it’s a process of sending an email to someone or a group of people that can potentially be a customer.

It’s actually another way for you to create a more meaningful relationship and connection with your audience. Why? Because email is more personal than any other platforms out there because those email lists are technically yours, you own them.

Imagine if social media platforms disappear, there will always be email because people almost have those whether for work or personal purposes.

With social media you do not have their details, yes you may have some details about them (location, gender, etc) but that’s only it! With email, you have one of their important contact details.

You might be asking, do I really need it for my small business when I have a website and social media channels?

The answer is YES.


1. Reach your customers organically

With social media on the rise, it’s getting harder for you to reach your target customers because of the algorithm. With email, you do not have to beat the algorithm but of course you still want to get them to open your email with an attention grabbing subject and provide more value than being too salesy.

Personally, I usually found sales, discounts, and promos from brands from emails than on social media.

You may want to be wary of sending too many emails to your audience because more often than not, customers or consumers prefer not to be bombarded with emails as it might come of as spam and eventually unsubscribe from you which you do not want to happen.

2. People always check their emails at least every day

They might not be able to check their social media channels but they will open their email and you do not have to compete with algorithm.

Did you know that only 5% of your followers will see your content? CRAZY, isn’t it?

With email, you can still reach your people, all of them. You just have to be creative and strategic on how you can grab their attention to click and open your email.

3. It’s affordable

You do not need a lot of budget to start with email marketing. There are Mailchimp or Mailerlite that offers free for first 1000 subscribers. You can reach them organically without having to pay ads because you’re directly sending them your message to their email.

4. It drives traffic to your main website or blog

No matter what you offer for your business, email is also a great way for you to drive traffic to your website, to the place where you want them to purchase.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

Your target audience or customer might forget about you after they had initial contact and once you get them to subscribe to your email list, you will have more chances of letting them know more about your brand and increase the chance of them buying from you again and again.

Convinced already?

It’s about time for you to add email marketing to your strategy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Start with the frequency (at least once a week is enough), content you’re going to deliver, make sure to provide value and do not hard sell. Tell a story because your goal must build a meaningful connection and relationship.

Do you have any questions about email marketing? Drop your comments below!


Guest Author

Camille Olaguivel is the founder of Sunnies and Style Creatives. She’s a social media manager and content creator and has worked with international brands in the health & wellness, online retail, and digital marketing agency industry. She’s also the person behind the lifestyle blog,